Silly Dog

Mercury, my old dog

Mercury, my beautiful old dog

I’ll never forget laughing at my friend’s story about the dog that got stuck in the elevator with her in her apartment building. Getting in at the first floor, for some reason, a dog followed her in, but the owner did not. Obviously unable to request his floor, the dog decided to follow my friend out when she departed on the 20-somethingth floor. My friend and I rolled around laughing as we pictured the owner walking up 20 floors, stopping to check for their dog on each floor.

Arriving home from work one day in a rush to head back out to meet friends, I startled a dog who had been sitting in front of the elevator doors on my floor when the doors opened behind him. Needless to say, I was quite startled myself, especially as there was something eerily human about him. He stood near the elevator peering after me as I headed for my apartment (which is down a half-flight of stairs), and as I got my keys out and opened the door, I knew I was going to be freaked out if I turned around and he was standing there staring at me. I rushed in and shut the door. Peering out through the spy-hole, sure enough, the dog had walked over and was standing at the top of the stairs looking down at my apartment door.

With only a little time left before I had to go meet friends, I quickly got ready and contemplated what to do if the dog was still there when I left my apartment. Sure enough, he was back waiting at the elevator and as the elevator doors opened, normally as anything, he walked into the elevator. I stood not knowing what to do. Tried to coax him out. And finally came to the realisation that I was going to have to get in the elevator with him.

We arrived at the ground floor and I walked out of the elevator quickly. He hesitated, and the people waiting for the lift all looked a little confused too. I took off quickly to make sure he wouldn’t follow me, and finally looking back, saw that he was sitting by the rubbish bins staring off after me sadly. I felt bad.

Well, it seems that this isn’t as unusual a story as I had thought, as a few days later, it happened again with a different dog. This time, leaving my apartment, I found a dog waiting in front of the elevator, and now, having experience in these matters, I simply got in and pressed the button for the ground floor as if he was just another lift passenger. Arriving at the ground floor to a lobby full of people, my conscience got the better of me and I exclaimed “its not my dog!” before once again taking off quickly so it couldn’t follow me.

My cat, Mikki

My cat, Mikki, who is now the grand old age of 20!”

These stories are kind of sad, in that, it seems like the people that owned these dogs had no idea where they were, and maybe didn’t even care too much. Living here, I’ve begun to realise that attitudes towards animals really is a cultural thing – in Australia, I think we treat most animals, especially pets, as almost human, or second to human – in that we expect they feel pain and that they need human love and people to look after them etc.

Attitudes here can be really different sometimes, maybe from a lack of understanding or experience – like the time my boyfriend’s brother yanked a cat’s tail to get it off my lap (OW!!!). Sometimes its hard to reconcile these things, such as the “dog hotpot” restaurant down the street from me (which doesn’t bother me nearly as much as the “penis hotpot restaurant” I’ve seen advertised).

In a taxi on a small street one day, my taxi driver was annoyed by having to slow down for a dog walking in the middle of the road as its owner walked on ahead unaware. As I went to say “what a bad dog owner!”, the taxi driver exclaimed “what a silly dog!”

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  1. Kate
    Posted January 11, 2010 at 7:19 pm | Permalink

    Hi Sues,
    I liked that one, about the dogs but it is very sad that people all over the world are not responsible for there animals! I was glad to see the picture of Mikey! i cant belive he is 20, such a cool cat! I think that you should adopt one of those lost doggies! Do they have lost doggie homes over there?
    I hope that you are well and I love reading your blog, great stories and I can hear your voice when I read them, like you are reading them too me! I better go try and get some sleep, it was 44 degrees today and it is a hot night now. Love you!! xx Katis..

  2. Posted January 11, 2010 at 7:40 pm | Permalink

    Thanks Kate! Glad you’re reading!!

    Yeah, it is pretty sad the way that some people treat their dogs. There is at least one animal shelter here though, and a lot of people doing good work volunteering and taking in strays and things like that, so that’s really good. I’d really love to have a dog here, but with having such a small apartment and no outdoor space, I think it would be pretty hard on the poor thing. I hope I can have one in the future though, as they are so fun and full of personality!

    Its hard to believe it could be so hot there now – we are suffering temperatures of around -10 degrees! I can barely bring myself to leave the house at the moment.

    Keep cool and I’ll be in touch soon!!

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