As easy as Toast

A tale of cooking misadventure

One day when I was home sick from work, my lovely boyfriend was so worried and wanted to help me feel better so he offered to make me something to eat. He is quite a good cook when it comes to Chinese food, but as I wasn’t feeling well, I wanted something simple and not too oily. “Can you make me some toast please?”

A flash of hesitation zipped across his face, and he thought for a second, “Ok!”.

A few minutes later, he came back and asked me how to make toast. I was confused, as it seemed a simple request and I had already heard him put the bread in the toaster oven. “You cook the bread, then put the butter on” I said, stating the obvious. He looked disappointed with that answer. I went and peered into the toaster oven. Yep, he had buttered the bread then put it in the toaster oven.

That was many months ago. Today, he wanted toast for himself and I wasn’t having any. He toasted the bread and then took it out of the oven. “Can you help me butter it?”

“I’m a bit busy, can’t you butter it?” – after much to’ing and fro’ing he was still hesitant to butter the toast. I got the butter out of the fridge and gave it to him. He started trying to butter the toast (admittedly with very hard butter straight from the fridge) but the way he tried to spread it just looked so unnatural. Then finally he looked up and said “so now I put it back in the toaster, right?”

haha. And we thought making toast was the easiest of all things to make!

I won’t mention the time that I had to teach him how to use a can-opener though, that would just be embarassing!! (canned food is pretty new here)

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