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Silly Dog

Mercury, my beautiful old dog

I’ll never forget laughing at my friend’s story about the dog that got stuck in the elevator with her in her apartment building. Getting in at the first floor, for some reason, a dog followed her in, but the owner did not. Obviously unable to request his floor, the dog decided [...]

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More Toilet Tales

Beautiful old-style Chinese doorway behind my apartment building

We are officially snowed in here today – it started snowing the night before last and started again last nite and its still going today. I’m all giddy with excitement – we’ve never had this much snow in all the winters I have been here! Temperatures are set [...]

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Getting the Hard Sell on a Squat Toilet

So its been 2 and a half years since my last post! I’ve finally realised there is too much entertainment going on here in Beijing to not write it all down on a regular basis, so here goes…
Most friends and family have probably heard about the sorry state of my office’s public bathroom. Our office [...]

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As easy as Toast

A tale of cooking misadventure
One day when I was home sick from work, my lovely boyfriend was so worried and wanted to help me feel better so he offered to make me something to eat. He is quite a good cook when it comes to Chinese food, but as I wasn’t feeling well, I wanted [...]

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animal soup…

a lot has been said about what people in asian countries will eat, and i had actually given those countries the benefit of the doubt on many of these things, only to come to china and find that much of it is actually true. the thing is, there is a lot of cultural beliefs behind [...]

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My new pet?

A while before my birthday last year, i started giving my bf some hints about what he could get me as a present. I’d seen some really cute little turtles at a few markets so I mentioned that I’d really like 2 little turtles as a pet.
I came home one night and on hearing strange [...]

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